Xin Zhao

Academic Bio

I am currently a full-time Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Alabama (UA) and a member of newly formed Software Engineering Group. My advisor is Dr. Jeff Gray. I am currently funded as graduate teaching assisstant. My research interests mainly focus on model-driven software engineering. Now I am trying to find some interesting on the combination with model-driven software wngineering and virtual reality, which I believe will lead to a revolution in the whole computer science field.

Before I came to UA, I have been studied in National Engineering Research Center for Multimedia Software, Wuhan Univeristy, China for one year for my master. During one year study, my esearch area mainly focused on image processing. My advisor was Dr. Ruimin Hu.

I graduated from Hebei Normal University with a B.S. in Software Engineering in 2009. During my undergradute study, I have been worked as an intern in Panvieo Technology for half a year, mainly designing and developing company's websites.



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Research Interests:
Software Engineering, Model-Driven Software Engineering, Virtual Reality

Research Programs:
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  • Teaching Assistant : CS 104, Computer Science Principles by Dr. Gray. University of Alabama, Fall 2015.
  • Teaching Assistant : CS 495, Capstone Computing by Dr. Gray. University of Alabama, Fall 2015.
  • Outreach

  • Shelton's BEST Robotics Competition : Scorekeeper. Shelton State University, Tuscaloosa, AL.     October 2015
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    Where am I?
    University of Alabama
    Rm 3419, Science and Engineering Complex(SEC)
    the University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401